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The mission of the International School of Modern Technology is to provide all students with a rigorous, comprehensive, and relevant education while promoting personal development and cultural literacy to help students achieve academic excellence.

ISMT's curriculum focuses on developing students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). These disciplines are delivered in a holistic culturally responsive environment for grades PreK-12.

Culturally Speaking—Open to students from all backgrounds, ISMT seeks to provide unique opportunities for under-represented students. Instruction is individualized. Bi-cultural and bilingual support is provided to families.

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Our Curriculum

Learning at ISMT is project and inquiry-based. Students learn in a hands-on, minds-on, community-based environment that encourages investigation and engagement. Personalized instruction—featuring tutorials, civic projects, and field trips—is the focus on the fifth day of the school week.

ISMT's year-long calendar is bolstered by a comprehensive program with the following features:
• Standard Based
• Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)
• National & International Exchanges (China & Africa)
• Art
• Music
• AP Math
• AP English
• Health
• Physical Education
• Afterschool Program
• Foreign Language: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Sign Language
• History: Ethnic & World History

Culturally Speaking—ISMT's curriculum enables students to learn concepts, events, and themes from the perspectives of different racial, ethnic, class, and language groups. Instruction is individualized under a multicultural framework. School communication is translated into Spanish.



Vision: The International School of Modern Technology (ISMT) will create, maintain and encourage a community of learners that unleashes the potential in all students. Its mission is to provide all students with a rigorous education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) while promoting the appreciation and importance of international cultural literacy and exchange. Social justice, personal leadership, and character education will be emphasized through real-world relationships among the local community as well as through worldwide applications. ISMT will provide 130 PreK – 12 students with project and inquiry-based learning opportunities that are authentic and relevant.

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